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KARTIKEYA INTERNATIONAL is committed to providing a variety of quality merchandise for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. Take a look at what we currently have in stock, and get in touch to order or learn more.

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For The Comfort

A fantastic anatomically shaped bridle designed with your horses comfort in mind. Designed to avoid all sensitive blood veins, nerves and pressure points, it does not put any pressure on the teeth, reducing the possibility of bit issues.



Anti Pressure Comfort Padded Crown Piece

The soft crown bridel is premium soft leather with stainless steel fittings. The exclusive design has many features including a U-shaped brow band with silver chain. The crown is shaped with curb at ear area and the Weymouth strap comes on top of the crown so the bridle can easily be used as a normal bridle. Soft lining with rubber reinforcement gives a cushion-effect and the noseband has a soft lining, is wide at front and narrow at the back to give the horse more freedom.


Soft Crown Bridle.png


The Head Collar

The halter or headcollar is the headgear designed to lead or tie up horses and, occasionally, other animals. The comfort cut fits behind the ears (behind the poll), and around the muzzle. The single buckle crown, adjustable chin and throatlatch snap help ensure a perfect fit. Brass-plated hardware completes the look.


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The Soft Leather Crown

Our Soft range Halters have an easily replaceable leather crown for convenience. It is crafted of richly colored nylon webbing that stands up to daily use.  The Double buckle replaceable crown and Adjustable chin make it stand for comfort. The Coordinating chrome or brass hardware completes its look.


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The D Ring

5 point breastplates are used by eventers and jumpers worldwide for maximum saddle security. With attachments to the D-Rings, girth straps and the girth itself (between the horse's legs) this breastplate is specifically designed to keep your saddle in the right place no matter what discipline you are taking part in.


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For A Smooth Leap

The jumping girth provides optimum comfort through its anatomic design combining freedom of movement and close contact. For the horse, more freedom of movement thanks to its deeper cut at the elbows which also improves pressure distribution over the thorax. The horse's side of the girth is lined with soft leather and lightly padded. Anatomically contoured to avoid the elbow on most horses. It buckles with rollers fixed onto three layers of elastic for better and easy girthing.


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Comfort The Move

Dressage girths attach on either side of the dressage saddle by long billets and go under the horse's belly. Long billets are used on a dressage girth to keep the buckles away from the rider's leg. Dressage girths are normally leather material but can be fleece too. Dressage girths often come with elastic on one or both ends. Elastic ended dressage girths help give some freedom when the horse is moving.


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For The Safety

The Stud Girth is anatomically shaped offering comfort and safety when jumping while limiting the risk of injuries caused by horseshoes or studs. Specially shaped and designed to follow the horse’s natural movement, it offers both comfort and freedom and relieves the horse’s shoulders and elbows, allowing to breathe better. It features elastics on both ends to equalize pressure as well as a D-ring to accommodate schooling equipment and a buckle to attach the breastplate to the girth.


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The Beast

Ideal for long hours of riding, this lightweight saddle features skirts and fenders, with a colored suede leather seat, jockey, pommel, and horn. It boasts Tough1 quick-change buckles, neoprene in skirts, padded suede seat, silver conchos, and adjustable padded sewn stirrups. With Comfortable suede seat, Padded stirrups ease joint stress and Attractive silver conchos it’s the beomes the best to use.


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For The Smaller Ones

A pony pad is used by horse riders to cushion the horse's back from the saddle pressing against it. Besides reducing the risk of injury, this item also better distributes a rider's weight across the saddle while ensuring they are sitting in a good position. Saddle pads help you make these activities less restricted so that your horse can train correctly and perform without suffering. Saddle pads are strongly recommended when jumping or going on long rides, as well as for sensitive horses or beginner riders.


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For The Spike

The gorgeous long riding boot with a leather panel on the inner calf with rear zip closure, padded area and zip guard on the back of the ankle to offer additional comfort fitted with a rubber sole. Long boots are fitted using three measurements; calf width, length and foot size. When correctly sized long boots offer support to the lower leg when riding, protect the leg from stirrup pinches and give an elegant, refined appearance.


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The Rider's Comfort

This is an extremely comfortable and practical general-purpose mountain yard and riding boot that will provide all-day support and comfort whatever you’re doing.  A sturdy design that’s got additional padding around the ankle that prevents chaffing and durable leather that makes it hardwearing.  The Impact Protection System in the heel means you should be able to wear them all day without getting achy feet.


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The Roller

A training surcingle, sometimes called a "roller," has many extra rings attached, running from the ribcage up to the withers area. It usually has padding to relieve pressure on the horse's spine. A variation of this design is used for equestrian vaulting.


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For The Tender Tendon

Tendon boots, are used on the front legs for protecting the tendon area of the horse's front leg from strikes from the hind hooves that can occur when the hind leg extends forward towards the front leg such as when cantering or on landing whilst jumping. The Graz Tendon Boots will slip on easily and be held firmly in place with double hook and loop fasteners. The hard shell and firm closures ensure good support and protection.


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Hook For Safety

English stirrup leathers are used for dressage, hunter jumpers, or endurance saddles. Stirrup leathers are made to support the weight of the rider in the stirrups without breaking. English stirrups can affect your comfort, balance, and effectiveness as a rider. It is usually hooked with hoops or rings – and stirrup leathers, which attach to the saddle, help the rider mount and dismount, as well as provide support and stability in the saddle.


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