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Horse halters and horse leads are fundamental pieces of equine tack that every horse enthusiast should own. Equip your horse with a right-fitting halter, and keep an assortment of leads handy, and you’ll be sure that you can take on virtually any situation. When you’re in the saddle, you communicate with your horse using a bridle and reins. However, when you’re on the ground, walking with your horse, halters and leads do the job. Halters and leads are available in a several different materials – rope, cotton, poly, nylon, and leather. The choice of material is often a matter of preference by the rider.



Lead ropes for horses are made of cotton or nylon and take on a rope form. Lead ropes are used to help control the horse. They attach to the horse's halter. Lead ropes with many different length and color options are only meant to be used for showing, walking or grazing in hand. Soft cotton or nylon are great for everyday handling and tying up while trailering, grooming or bathing. Horse lead ropes are a stable necessity so keep several around for convenience and safety. Lead ropes for horses are available in leather, rope or nylon.


A saddle pad protects your horse's back from friction that could be caused by a saddle rubbing directly on your horse's hair and skin. The fundamental purpose of horse saddle pads is to provide a thin layer of cushioning between the horse’s back and its saddle. A saddle pad protects against friction caused by the saddle rubbing against the horse, and it helps protect the saddle by absorbing some of the horse’s perspiration. The exterior of many saddle pads is typically made of a durable, washable fabric blend, such as cotton with polyester fibers, quilted over a thin layer of polyfill.


Travel boots protect your horse's legs from knocks, bumps, or slips whilst traveling. Nylon linings and outers with generous padding to protect against blows and scuffs. Ergonomic shaping and strong touch close straps with easy open tabs help keep the boots securely in place.  It is available in set of 4. 



Protect your horses dock and tail whilst travelling with our range of tail bandages and padded tail guards. Our neoprene tail guards are particularly useful for horses that lean on the breeching bar in a trailer or won't stand to have their tail bandaged. Soft and comfortable for your horse with four easy Velcro straps to secure. High rise padding to protect the top of the tail which is most susceptible to rubbing.



This innovative hay bag has special features to make loading hay fast and easy, and to ensure the bag stays closed as your horse eats. The flexible gator mouth holds its shape so loading hay has never been simpler! Added hook and loop at the closure means even the craftiest horses will find it impossible to open, ensuring their hay lasts as long as possible. This bag comfortably fits 10-15lbs of hay, so your horse will be happily munching all day long!


Keep your horse's mane and forelock clean, tamed, trained and protect those show plaits with our beautifully designed lycra hood made of soft, high quality material. These lycra show hoods will also assist in keeping your horse's coat flat and shiny while taming the mane and giving that show sheen finish.



Bandages for horses and horse leg wraps are essential health care items. Horse bandages can be used for several purposes, such as helping to prevent swelling after rigorous physical activity or to help keep your horse's legs clean from dirt and debris. Medical horse tape makes cleaning and changing bandages quick, painless, and easy. 


Our new development of grazing muzzle offers an effective method for reducing forage intake by an average of 30% while still offering exercise. Thus because they are allowed to roam freely, the horses can burn more calories compared to housing in a stall. The horse and/or pony needs to be gradually acclimated to wearing a muzzle.



Comfortable, protective, and secure, fly masks are made of breathable mesh or a combination of mesh and mesh fabrics, and typically fasten with touch tape closures. Fly masks for horses keep flying insects that can spread disease out of your horse’s eyes, and in some styles, out of his ears and off his muzzle. Use of a fly mask while your horse is turned out or being ridden can help reduce his discomfort and anxiety in fly season, eliminate head tossing and protect against UV rays—all while allowing his clear vision. 

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